Neuralink Network

Mar 12, 2024

Building a Future: Introducing Our Growth DAO Project in the Neuralink Network Community

Introducing the new DAO Project. In this article we will explain how to participate and generate income for you and your team under our common project.


Welcome to our new Growth DAO Project within the Neuralink Network community. This article will outline a strategy that can help you maximise your earnings while participating in this exciting new project. By focusing on referrals, engagement, and building a solid network, you can boost your income potential and enjoy the rewards of the growing crypto space.

Understand the Project:

Before investing in or promoting our Growth DAO Project, it's essential to understand how it works clearly. Our project combines community building with blockchain technology, allowing users to earn passive income through a unique referral system. The more people you bring into the project, the greater your potential earnings will be. This system, in itself, is not an innovation. The big difference with our system is that it takes care of commissions and rewards. This mechanism prevents fraud and the figure of a company that takes care of payments and may keep your profits. With such a system, that scenario simply isn’t possible by design.

Build Your Referral Network:

The key to success in our Growth DAO Project is building a solid network of referrals. Start by sharing information about the project with friends, family, and colleagues interested in cryptocurrencies. You can also use social media platforms like X (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn to spread the word about our project and invite new users to join. This network is not just a profit-driving community but a cooperating mechanism where everyone benefits from all members. Whether they arrived before or after you on the network,

Engage Actively:

Engaging actively within the Neuralink Network community is crucial for earning more through our Growth DAO Project. Participate in discussions, share your experiences, and offer helpful advice to other members. By doing so, you will not only build trust among fellow participants but also increase your chances of attracting new referrals to boost your earnings. You can participate individually or as a team in several activities and events. And groups are connected through more than just referral systems. You can create a team of random members to participate in a specific action.

Invest Wisely:

Choosing where to Invest wisely is essential to any successful crypto venture. Before investing in our Growth DAO Project, research the market trends and analyse the potential risks and rewards associated with this project. This research will help you decide how much money to invest and when to buy or sell your tokens.

Monitor Your Progress:

Keeping track of your progress is vital for maximising your earnings from our Growth DAO Project. Use analytics tools provided by the Neuralink Network community to monitor your referrals, engagement levels, and overall performance within the project. By staying informed about your progress, you can adjust your strategy as needed and continue growing your income potential.

Growth DAO: How does it work:

  1. Starting on the 12th of March, all new investments on the platform count towards the growth of DAO.

  2. Sponsor Hierarchy : Members will get rewards on the five levels of referrals. The system will pay this reward in addition to the bonuses already paid and sent to the user weekly.

  3. Sponsor Hierarchy breakdown:

    • Level 1 - 7% reward on investment
    • Level 2 - 6% reward
    • Level 3 - 5% reward
    • Level 4 - 4% reward
    • Level 5 - 3% reward
  4. Activation and State Management. The program requires an activation and maintenance fee. Members who wish to continue receiving rewards must have an active account. The cost of activation is 10 USD for every 30 days of activity. That value is to be distributed 100% to the referral network. That is a value-added incentive to keep working and maintaining the network. This residual income is paid monthly, on the first day of each month, and can be a passive income for any member who wishes to be active on the network.

  5. Paid activities. In addition to the regular investment, the system will provide tasks for members to work on if they wish to collaborate with the network. These tasks range from tutorials to translating the platform or (for those with the skills) design or programming actions. The rule is that no work goes without reward.

  6. Engagement Reward. Keeping a network over 100 members with at least 50% active users will grant you DAO tokens. These DAO tokens allow members to vote on new developments and other activities, such as translations.

Current Tiers and Activation:

Current Tier holders will benefit from the Growth DAO Activity as it comes together. The Veteran Tier will grant you the first month free, two months for Specialist, three months for Elite, etc.

Tier Starting free months Future Discount
Rookie 0 0%
Soldier 0 0%
Veteran 1 0%
Specialist 2 5%
Elite 3 5%
Master 4 10%
Grand Master 5 10%
Legendary 6 15%

Frequently Asked Questions about Growth DAO:

  • I already invested in Neuralink. Can I use my already-owned tokens for this DAO? No. The very nature of this DAO is to grow the network. Allowing the usage of already existing tokens would not fit the purpose. Therefore, we are building other DAOs where all members can use all their Tokens. Tokens are still owned and can be sold in the exchange as soon as the listing happens, taking profits if the members see fit. So, everything is transparent in terms of value. But this is a specific action to grow the network.
  • Will this DAO be available forever? No. This DAO will only exist until the listing on exchange to grow the community and bring more utility into the platform.
  • Will investment in the DAO cancel other benefits and ranks on the platform? No. This activity is complementary and optional. Each member needs to participate if they wish to do it.
  • Activities such as translations, tutorials, and social media statements are mentioned. How does that track to DAO Holders? There are two types of activities: internal and external. Internal are activities such as translations. The entire network and all the content (including this article) will be available to translate. If more than one translation is submitted, DAO Holders will choose the better translation, granting the winning member the payment. Same with external mentions on social media (YouTube, TikTok, etc). DAO Holders can suggest content and then upvote or downvote it. The system will only pay participants over a certain amount of upvotes.

Key Features of the New Project:

  1. Transparency: The use of blockchain technology ensures transparency in all transactions, giving participants peace of mind about the integrity of their investments.
  2. Security: With cutting-edge encryption techniques, we ensure our platform is secure from hackers and other cyber threats.
  3. User-friendly Interface: Our intuitive user interface makes it easy for even novice crypto enthusiasts to navigate and participate in the project.
  4. Compensation Structure: We have designed a lucrative compensation structure that ensures all participants benefit from their efforts in promoting the project.
  5. Community Engagement: By fostering a strong sense of community, we aim to create an environment where users can collaborate and help one another succeed.

How to get Growth DAO Tokens:

Members cannot buy growth DAO Tokens. The system grants Growth DAO tokens to members through challenges and tasks. Once the tokens go live, the team will work to introduce new features every two weeks. Members can make tutorials and announcements for Neuralink Network and receive DAO Tokens.

Be an owner

The most important aspect of the Growth DAO Project is ownership. Through the activity, you will accumulate DAO tokens that effectively represent ownership of Neuralink Network. Once you receive your first DAO token, the system will give you access to a private chat where the team communicates. You will be involved in every stage of the process and a part of the decisions for the community. It will be your community.

Aegis: The creation of a platform

We've created the first working AI as a service gaming platform. It's still making its first steps, but the results are encouraging. By incorporating AI into our platform, we created tools necessary for all IT industries, such as fraud detection, user behaviour patterns, user profiling and many others that support IT and Gaming operations. We can give project knowledge to their users and help them grow their projects into massive operations.

The Investment Club DAO: Putting our AI knowledge to work

The system will distribute part of the income to the DAO holders. The system will use another part of the income to pay salaries and expenses of maintaining the project. However, a good chunk of the revenue could be used more actively. Half of that part will be stored in a war chest that every DAO holder can look at and verify the funds, and the other half will be invested in the market using our knowledge of AI. We already use AI to analyse and predict trends and where the market is moving. And we're starting to use that knowledge to reap profits. Currently, our experiments have yielded 300% returns on investment amount. While we are sure that past success is not an assurance of the future, we are confident that we can achieve a consistent and constant income stream from investing in the market through AI. We currently have several AI entities that monitor the market around the clock and notify us of anything worth investing in. Currently, we are investing in Metals markets (gold, silver and platinum), Forex (exchange of FIAT foreign currencies) and crypto. We keep track of more than 300 indexes, and our structure can read and analyse more than 6 million price changes per minute.

The system will grant DAO holders access to this fund. The team will publish further details about this access by the end of March. We can only offer some people a place in this fund. Unfortunately, to be profitable, the system needs to be contained. So, the top-performing DAO Holders will have direct access to the fund, and there will be paid slots for other users to come and invest with us on a minimal offering.

Road to listing on the exchange

As Aegis and the Investment DAO mature, it will be time to open the gates and list our Tokens. As projects come in and fill our platform with utility, the interest in the token will rise. And, also, the price of it. Today is the right time for early adopters to collect some profits while still participating in the other sides of this incredible project we are building. Our goal is to detach our crypto from the crypto market in general. It should be seen as an example to be followed and show that we can build a sustainable project that doesn't prey on its users. We aim to make a legacy and create a platform that stands the test of time.

After listing: The Services DAO

Our road continues after listing the token on an exchange. That is just the start. We will start the activity when our structure is stable enough for listing. This increase in functionality means Neuralink will become an active player in the Gaming and IT industries. We plan to sell services and products to the industry, such as AI services, gaming platforms, and IT services, reusing the development team. The profits from that activity will be channelled into the project to make it grow, and a percentage will be distributed back to DAO holders as a dividend payment. This dividend represents a lifetime residual income and the opportunity to leave a legacy to future generations.