As the head of our dynamic crypto community, I want to emphasize that our roadmap represents a series of ambitious goals, rather than fixed dates set in stone. We understand that the landscape of cryptocurrency is ever-evolving, and as such, our project must adapt and grow in response to new challenges and opportunities. The objectives outlined in this roadmap signify our commitment to progress, with the understanding that timelines may shift as we advance. Our priority is to maintain agility and responsiveness to the changing environment, ensuring that our community remains at the forefront of innovation. The goals set in this current roadmap reflect our intent and direction moving forward, serving as a guiding star rather than an unchangeable script.

Accomplished Goals

  • Migration from Zhaka
    Successful migrated the full user database from Zhaka, along with their tokens and balances.
  • Open Registration
    New members are now able to register on the platform and invest on the token.
  • First Version of the White paper
    Published a comprehensive description of the initial platform and description of future developments.
  • Token Staking
    Open staking activities with the first 3 pools available for the users. Introduced Tier system of rewards.
  • Wallet to Wallet Activity
    Reinstated wallet to wallet transfers, allowing users to move their assets among other members.

Next Developments

  • DAO Token (Q1 2024)
    Deployment of the DAO token, voting mechanism and staking pool and rewards.
  • First Game on Neuralink Network (Q1 2024)
    First Gaming partner operating on Neuralink Network Platform using Neura token and other cryptos.
  • Open API release (Q2 2024)
    Deployment of the first version of the open API that will be ground for partner development on the network.
  • Asset Marketplace (Q2 2024)
    Internal application to enable the purchase and sell of assets (such as NFTs and tokens) to be used in platform games
  • Listing on Decentralized Exchanges (Q3 2024)
    Listing of Neuralink Network Token on WingRiders and Muesliswap
  • First Major title release on the platform (Q4 2024)
    First major title game release on Neuralink Network

The Future

  • Listing on Centralized Exchanges (Q1 2025)
    Listing of Neuralink Network Token on OKX