Neuralink Network

Jun 09, 2024

Upcoming Vote: Should Our Token List on Muesliswap Exchange?

In less than 24h, the community is called to vote and decide the fate of our token. What happens immediatelly after?

What's the Question?

The community will soon vote on a critical decision:

"Should the token list immediately be on the Muesliswap exchange, or should we wait until the utility necessary for the token's sustainability is built by the current team?"

Voting Options

You have two choices:

  1. Yes: I want it listed now, triggering the 10-day countdown.
  2. No: I want to build sustainability to avoid token collapse.

How to Vote

  • You can vote in blocks, casting as many votes as you like.
  • Each token can vote only once.
  • Voting costs one DAO token. The token consumed by the vote is still counted as a vote.

Timeline and Implications

If "No" Wins:

  • We will resume work as usual on Monday.
  • We will continue to build the token's utility.

If "Yes" Wins:

  • Monday: Start the process of listing on Muesliswap.
  • First Week: Create all external wallets and credit the tokens.
  • Listing Day (10 days after the vote): All Neuralink members will receive wallet keys, granting access to the tokens.

Key Points for "Yes" Outcome:

  • Only Neuralink members will receive wallet keys.
  • Tokens will be credited as they are in the wallet; converted tokens will be sent as regular tokens.
  • Members without a rank are considered "migrated" and will not receive wallet keys. All members that wish to trade their tokens need to qualify to Rookie Rank.
  • All stakes mature on the 12th; no further staking will be possible.
  • 5 Days After Vote: If "Yes" wins, token selling through the portal ends (the last day to buy tokens is Sunday, the 16th).
  • Monday, the 17th: Last day rewards are paid.
  • Listing Day (21st): The portal will cease activity and remain a historical record for six months.
  • A new whitepaper will replace the current one, detailing all external blockchain specifics.
  • Current developer activities will end, and DAO members will decide on future projects, developers, and funding.

Stay informed, and make sure to cast your vote. Your decision will shape the future of our token and community.